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In Switzerland, in France, in Africa, in the media… Pumpilo® users testify !

Fully, Valais, Switzerland

From a spring below, the drinking water is conveyed by Pumpilo® 75 meters higher over a distance of 1km600 to a reservoir from where the water flows back down to a group of chalets thus supplied.

Congo DRC, agriculture

“I’ve used other machines that pump water 40 or 50 meters away, but they cost a lot of money and have a lot of problems that you can’t solve: batteries, parts that can’t be changed and finally the pump that has to be replaced. But for Pumpilo®, you just need to grease it up and it will continue to give you impeccable service ! “

Jeff Olenga

Somone, Senegal, desalination

“On the Atlantic coast of Senegal, groundwater is often brackish because of the proximity of the ocean. We are in a neighborhood that is not connected to water and electricity. We dug a well 8 meters deep, its water contains about 7 grams of salt, in addition to other impurities. We were looking for a solution to obtain water suitable for drinking, for watering plants that cannot tolerate salt. Pumpilo® meets our expectations with the DeSalt kit (bottom pump, surface pump, membrane). We get the quantity we need for our family without any problem all year round, without damaging a fragile aquifer due to the reduced rainfall in the Sahel.”

Famille Dieng

La Rippe, Vaud, Switzerland, watering a medicinal plant garden

In the canton of Vaud, a Pumpilo® pump is installed to draw water from a catchment at a depth of 3 meters and bring it 70 meters further, with a 6 meters difference in level, in order to water a garden of medicinal plants.

Forcalquier, Southern France, domestic consumption and watering

In the arid region of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, Pumpilo helps to manage precious water resources in a sustainable way.

“Most conventional pumps are high flow pumps. When we come across a borehole that is weakly supplied by small water veins, it is necessary to have a pump that takes water in a “reasoned” way, with a small flow rate, to avoid drying up the well quickly and this is what Pumpilo® allows us to do.”


Romain Colmar

Pumpilo® promotionna film made in Kinshasa, Congo DRC


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